Video & Streaming

It was never my intention to stream or record anything.  It was only after I had finished the Arcade and realized how much fun we were having that I thought maybe others would enjoy watching.  As you will see, our streaming setup is not the best and was put together with equipment I already had laying around.

All three displays are the same brand and model.  I was lucky enough to have bought them on clearance for under $200 each.  They were actually purchased for different rooms in my home but once I decided to do the streaming, I knew they would work great.

The displays on the left and right are mounted to the wall with full motion mounts.  I wanted to have them angled towards the players for a better viewing angle.  I got both of them for less than $20 shipped.  The center display is just a standard wall mount and does not move.

The display on the left is powered by a dual core I7 HP laptop.  This laptop is responsible for the game capture, all camera captures and streaming to Twitch.  It was my personal laptop that I had purchased about a year ago.  It is sitting on top of an old media cabinet I’ve had since college.  The cabinet holds some of my classic and newer game collection.

The display on the right is powered by an almost 8 year old HP laptop.  This laptop is responsible for viewing our Twitch stream while we are playing.  The same media cabinet houses some more classic games and audio CDs.

The front facing camera is actually an off brand action camera.  It connects to the HP laptop via USB.  It is supposed to be capable of 4K video but I don’t think the resolution is that high.  This, as well as the other cameras, will probably be the first thing that is upgraded.

The camera for shooting the control panel is just an old webcam.  It is mounted to the wall with double sided tape.  I like having people being able to see the controls as we play and I thought it would add something unique to our videos.

The camera shooting us from behind is also another off brand action camera that I had.  It is mounted onto a large tripod and wired to the computer using USB extension cables.  I thought adding this camera would be fun and adds to the feeling that our viewers are there with us.

Here you can see all three camera captures and the game capture.  It has definitely been a fun experience getting the recording and streaming going.  Hopefully in the near future I can upgrade all the cameras for an even better experience for our viewers.