Upper Shelf Construction

I wanted to build a shelf above the three displays to hold the microphones and other goodies.  Plus, I thought it would just look cool lol.

The upper shelf is constructed  of a piece of 8′ x 7.5″ x 3/4″ pine that I got from Home Depot.  I used pine instead of MDF because it is lighter and it was already primed and ready for painting which was nice.

Here you can see where I have drilled the holes for the grommets for the microphone and top camera wires to pass through.  I also rounded off the corners and cut a slot along the edge for the green T-molding.

Since I had run out of carbon fiber wrap, and no one would really be seeing the top of the shelf, I decided to just spray paint it black.  I then installed the same grommets I used on the upper back panel for the wiring to pass through.

Then I added the green T-molding like I used on the cabinet.  I think it looks great and ties everything together.  This is the completed shelf before being hung on the wall.

To attach the shelf to the wall, I found these really nice brackets at Walmart.  I only needed to use two of them and used a laser level to make sure everything was perfectly straight.

On the left side of the shelf we have a Super Mario 30th Anniversary Amiibo, a Sega Dreamcast, one of the two microphones and Ron Burgundy.  On the right side we have another Mario 30th Anniversary Amiibo, a Nintendo Gamecube, the other microphone and a SNES Classic.

In the center is my favorite NES game complete in the original box.  The Legend of Zelda is one of my all time favorites.  You can see the original price sticker is still on the shrink wrap as well. Also in the center is the Arcade Knightz logo and creed.  I’m a big Game of Thrones fan if any of you were wondering lol.

This is the upper shelf completed as I write this.  There are things I want to add that I haven’t been able to find yet.  Overall, I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.