Top Panel Construction

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures throughout the process of building the top panel.  In this picture, you can see the completed panel.  It features switches for the fans and lights, configuration buttons and a volume control knob.

Here you can see the buttons that control the enter and exit functions.  I cut out these designs on my vinyl cutter and pressed them into place on the buttons.  I thought it was funny to have a guy, “exiting” a burning building for the button label.

On the other side of the volume knob, is the settings and reset button.  The settings button allows me to quickly go in and change button configurations or adjust gameplay features.  The reset button starts the game over and comes in handy when I put the wrong initials in for NBA Jam.

I found this volume knob at the flea market and removed the knob and painted it green.  I wanted some way to control the volume of the main speakers separately from the subwoofers.  This is wired directly into the main speakers and works by limiting the current from the amplifier.  This way, I can use the main volume buttons on the control panel to adjust the bass up and down.  With the extra bass it feels like I have a rumble pack built into the control panel.

Here are the switch panels I built to control various features on the cabinet.  I just took a blank switch panel and cover it with the carbon fiber vinyl.  Then I painted the screw on portion of the switches the same color as the volume knob.  I also used the turtle shell shaped tacks to cover the screws like on the back panel.  The switches on the right control the fans and the LED strip in the back of the cabinet.