Power & Lighting

At the heart of the power & lighting end of the Arcade is a Pyramid PS-32KX 12 volt power supply.  This will put out plenty of power for the amplifier and everything else I have running off of 12 volts.

The power supply only had one output in the front so I wanted to add my own to the rear of the unit.  I needed to do this so I could run a larger gauge wire to the distribution block that the front terminals would allow.  Also it would keep all the wires running towards the back of the cabinet making it easier to keep it clean looking.  I just opened the power supply, drilled a couple holes in the back and ran the new 8 gauge wires through them.

To distribute the power from the power supply, I found these really nice distribution blocks off eBay.  The were screwed into the side panel of the cabinet and the 8 gauge positive and negative from the power supply were attached at the bottom.  Then I could run each of my individual 12 volt components off one of the smaller screws.  This also helped keep all my wiring nice and tidy.

The coin door I used was bought second hand through a Facebook group.  It was in pretty good shape but all of the lights behind the coin returns needed replacing.  I decided to upgrade them to LEDs instead of the standard lights that came with it.  These could then be ran off of the power supply.

Here you can see that all the coin return lights have been replaced with the LEDs.  I also rewired everything with green and black wire to better match the cabinet.

I know its hard to see but in person it makes a really big difference.  The lighted coin returns really add to the overall look of the cabinet.

Here’s another look at the coin door lighting and also the trackball lighting.  I’m not a big fan of going over the top with the LED buttons and joysticks but I think a little bit adds to the overall look of the cabinet.

I also decided to add a string of LEDs to the inner part of the backside of the cabinet.  When the cabinet is pushed back towards the wall it gives off a nice green glow that I think really adds the the experience.