After nearly 3 years of designing, planning and building my custom arcade is nearing completion.  My name is Joe, and this build log documents my journey to build something I’ve wanted since I was a kid.. my own personal arcade machine!

My love for arcade games began when I was really young.  If you are around my age, then you remember that they were everywhere.  My first memory of playing an arcade game was at the bowling alley where my mom bowled in a league.  I remember begging for just one more quarter because I knew I could get to the next level in Pac Man.

It was in college that I stumbled upon MAME.  I couldn’t believe that I could play all of my favorite arcade games right on my computer.  I immediately ran out and bought a USB controller but quickly realized, it wasn’t the same.  Thats when I decided that, one day, I would build my own arcade cabinet.

Fast forward 15 years and my goal is nearly complete.  This build has been quite an experience.  It took a combination of many of the things I love; wood working, car audio, graphic design, computers and electronics, to get this done. I had to learn a lot of new things as well and at times it got frustrating, but ultimately, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Now that it is finished, my goal is to share my love of arcade games with my two children.  I look forward to the day that my wife, my son, my daughter and I can all play Ninja Turtles together!

I hope you enjoy this build log as much as I enjoyed building it.  If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook.  I am always glad to answer any questions you may have.  If this build log can help you to build your own arcade in any way, its been worth the effort.

Thank you!