Cabinet Door Construction

The cabinet doors are constructed of 3/4″ MDF like most of the rest of the cabinet.  Here you can see that the edges have been rounded so that the T-molding would go around easily.  I have also drilled the holes for the hinges to set into.

Both sides of the doors were wrapped with the carbon fiber vinyl.  Here you can see that the hinges have been installed in the holes I made earlier.  They are held in place by two small screws.

These pictures show the before and after of the hinge plate installation.  I purchased a template for drilling the holes that came with the correct size forstner drill bit and a plastic guide.  It made putting the holes in the correct place easy and quick.

Here you can see the installation of the 3/4″ green T-molding into the slot which I had cut into the edge of the door.  I like using a rubber hammer to help set the molding.  Once you get it started, the molding usually goes into place quickly and easily.

For the cabinet handles, I wanted something different rather than just something standard.  Luckily, I found these green knobs on eBay that kind of resembled turtle shells.  The knobs installed easily with a washer and a screw.

This picture shows the cabinet hinges fully installed.  The hinge plates attached to the inner part of the cabinet through two screws.  I like the plates because they give you a little leeway when drilling your holes and allow you to line up the cabinet doors perfectly.

Here we have the finished cabinet doors.  Both turned out great and after installation, line up pretty much perfectly.  The doors open easily for fast access to the computer, power supply and other components.  I am pretty happy the way they turned out.