Back Panel Construction

The top portion of the back panel is constructed of 3/4″ MDF like the rest of the cabinet.  It was wrapped with the carbon fiber vinyl on the outside.  These pics show both the inside and outside of the nearly completed top portion of the back panel.  I still plan on adding a few more things to the exterior.

The middle of the inside features a 7 port USB hub for controlling the 6 USB pathways that are installed in the panel.  You can also see the splicer that I used to power both the fans and the hub directly from the 12 volt power supply.  The picture on the right shows the two middle USB pathways on the exterioir side.

Here you can see the power side of the panel.  I installed two electrical inputs.  The one with the rocker switch will control the power strip on the inside of the cabinet and the bottom one will go to the computer.  I always like to leave my computer on all the time is the reason for the two inputs.  You can also see one of the fans and two more USB pathways.

Here is the buttons side of the panel.  I installed two buttons here.  One that will power down the computer and the other will enter into the settings menu for the arcade games.  Also pictured is the other fan and two more USB pathways.

This shows the wiring for the electrical input that will be used to power the computer.  I like to leave my computer on all the time so having a seperate power input for it aside from everything else was important.  All the terminals are pushed into place and then I use heat shrink tubing to help secure the connection and keep everything clean looking.

Here you can see the wiring for the rocker panel switch.  This switch will control the power strip on the inside of the cabinet.  Turning it off will turn of everything but the computer.  So switched of the power supply, lights, fans and all other components will turn off.

I added two holes to the back panel that can be used to pass any wires I may need through them.  I found these 1 3/8″ grommets on eBay so the holes would have a nice clean look to them.

On the left you can see where I drilled the 1 3/8″ hole in the panel.  It looks very rough and its not very appealing.  On the right with the grommet added, you can see that it is much cleaner looking.  It will also help keep any wires from fraying.

I didn’t want to have any screws showing on the cabinet so I needed to find some way to cover them.  Luckily I found these thumb tacks on clearance at Walmart that happened to look like little turtle shells.  I know this may seem like an unnecessary step but I think its touches like this that really make the cabinet special.

The tacks came in this almost bronze looking color.  So, to make them black, I just took a Sharpie and colored them in.  Then I just took some wire cutters and cut of the pins until they were about level with the tops.  I was able to use what was left of the pins to slide right into the heads of the screws on the panel.  I used a little glue and they are on as solid as a rock.