Audio System

I’m a huge car audio guy so I new I wanted the audio system for my Arcade to be loud and over the top.  I am a big Rockford Fosgate fan, particularly the stuff they made from 1996-2001 which is why you will see a lot of there old school stuff throughout this build.

For the subwoofers, I decided to go with two 10″ Rockford Fosgate Punch HX2.  These would give me plenty of bass and can handle around 500 watts rms each.  Here you can see that I have removed all the old soft parts including the cone, spider and voice coil.  I also used an angle grinder to remove all the old glue from the surround and spider landings.

Here is a picture of the brand new dual 4 ohm 3″ voice coil and spider that I used to rebuild the blown subwoofer. These are glued together along with the cone to create the subwoofers suspension.

Here I have the cone, voice coil and spider all glued together and put into place.  The last thing to do was to add a custom dust cap.

For the subwoofers dust caps I decided to use a 4.5″ black honeycomb carbon fiber from Genesis Custom Audio.  I used my vinyl cutter to recreate the TMNT logo and added it to the front of the dust caps.  I thought it look cool because the honeycomb pattern kind of reminds me of a turtle shell.

Here you can see a couple pics of the completely rebuilt subwoofers.  The picture on the right shows the original gasket installed.  They turned our really nicely and should be able to handle plenty of power and abuse from the amplifier I plan on using.

Here is a picture of the subwoofers right after I had first installed them.  They were both wired down to run at 2 ohm and both will be running off its own channel on the Rockford Fosgate Power 500x amplifier.  Each subwoofer should see around 150 watts rms at full power.

For the main speakers I decided to go with four 6.5″ above the actual controls.  This might seem like overkill to some, but just like in my car audio builds, I like it loud!  I was lucky enough to find two pair of brand new Rockford Fosgate FRC1206. Each features a 6.5″ midrange and a 1″ dome tweeter.

Here are all 4 of the main speakers installed.  Ron Burgundy is watching intently.. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

On the back of each speaker I installed a speaker baffle to help with sound quality and clarity.  Since the main speakers will not be completely enclosed these will help keep sound from traveling through the inside of the cabinet.

The two speakers on the left and the two on the right were wired together so that two speakers could be ran off a single channel of my amplifier.

Here is a picture that was taken just after a had finished installing the grills on all four main speakers.  I was very happy with the way they turned out.

The amplifier I decided to use to power everything is an oldschool Rockford Fosgate Power 550x 4 channel.  I knew that it would give me plenty of clean power in a small footprint with plenty of options and settings.  Also I really like them because the look cool!

As you can see, the Power 550X has plenty of settings to tinker with.  I ended up using the rear outputs with the subwoofers which are low passed at around 90hz and the front outputs for the main speakers which are high passed at around 90hz.  This amp puts out plenty of power and the Arcade will shake the house if I want it to.

The amplifier was mounted on the inner shelf right behind the coin door.  That way if I needed to make adjustments I could just open the coin door and have easy access to it.  All the wiring was neatly ran around the sides.

Powering the amplifier and everything else running off 12 volts is a Pyramid PS-36KX power supply.  It is rated at 32 amps constant between 12-15 volts which gives me plenty of power to run the amp and other accessories.  You can see the upgrades I did to the power supply in the Power & Lighting section of the build log.